Bespoke Tailoring


Collar & Cuff is local based custom tailor.

We’ve been outfitting men and women Malaysia & Singapore with high quality apparel for four years. Our experienced craftsmen work with our clients to design and create the best fitting, most stylish wardrobe pieces.

We pride ourselves on not only fitting a suit/uniform to measured specifications, but by using our knowledge of the industry as a whole, combining it with our experience with customers from all around the country, and synthesizing these factors into a product that is uniquely fitted for the client.

All of our fabrics are top quality, we have the most suitable fabrics for corporate and uniforms. And we are responsible of our product to last. Sometimes customers have a very specific idea in mind of what they want in a suit/uniform, even down to the color of the stitching on the jacket sleeves. Many of these preferences are driven by local styles in the customer’s country of origin. Naturally, we will make any suit to a customer’s exact requirements.We are always ready to accomplish mission impossible!


Specialized in Bespoke Shirting/Dress.

We also specialized in Bespoke Shirting/Dress, each garment is fully customizable with options like pockets, cuffs, plackets, pleats, monogramming, and more. No more headache on shirt which doesn't fits you snugly, Its our duty to make the shirt fit you like a glove, always look sharp. Once we take your measurements, we keep them in a database for future reference. This allows our customers to order new designs from anywhere in the world, and without having to come in for a new fitting each time they want to order new custom clothing.

Benefits: - High-End fabrics with easy-care & wrinkle-free features - Fits you like a glove, because it is specially made for you - Free doorstep service at your convenience - You design your own shirt, always look special - Re-organize your wardrobe with your favorite color and fitted shirt. - Shirt can be made for casual wear & formal wear - We keep your measurement data, so next time you just pick your fabric & design - 1000++ mix & match option for fabric - Special discount if you order 5-7pcs of shirt, we have package price

We provide free consultation and we are able to do bulk/group tailoring for corporate or big organization. This is what we focus & specialized. Our one stop service gives you no headache..

Call us at +6018-7788970